"I have done 2 sessions now with Amanda and every time I have been blown away. She was able to find and release trapped emotions by asking very intriguing questions that I gave her no knowledge about beforehand. If you haven't heard of this technique or participate in a session I would highly recommend Amanda."

~ Adam S. - Canada

Had a wonderful session with Amanda last night releasing tons of emotional baggage. If you haven't done this kind of work it's essential that we all do it now... Let's lighten the load. She's fabulous, caring and great at getting right to the issues. As they say - Just do it.
~ Meira F. - Israel

This evening among all evenings I think about my grandma and grandpa, as I drive through Alexandria and remember my childhood with them in it, sharing their love, and watching me grow. I have felt heartache that just wouldn’t seem to pass. I have had quite a stress that I just couldn’t shake. I have felt resentment and not allowed for my light to truly shine and have felt truly hindered. I saw that one of my highly respected girlfriends was assisting people with alignment in their lives. I have needed this for quite some time. I cried as she released things that I couldn’t believe were hindering my life. Now it’s my time for healing and letting go of what was and trapped within me and my family tree. I’m following her requests of what to do and I’m finally feeling comfortable in my own skin. Thank you Amanda for all of your help. I look forward to coming days. And if any of my friends here need help or a release of energy, please reach out to her! She’s an amazing healer!
~ Krystal F. - Minnesota